Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Showdown in Chicago October 25-27

Some people are asking "Where's the outrage?" at the wholesale plundering of the American population by the banking cartel and the U.S. Treasury, to support the banking cartel.

We can show our outrage at the protest this weekend downtown, concurrent with the annual meeting of the American Banker's Association, October 25-27.

So far, the financial bailout has cost us over $3 Trillion dollars, and our leaders are concocting new schemes to strip the American public of the last of its wealth, by offering more E-Z FHA money and an $8000 tax credit to gullible buyers ,for yet another bailout in a couple more years. We have about 7 million foreclosures before us yet, not counting recent FHA borrowers who are already delinquent- all to maintain housing prices and assure profits for loan originators and home builders. The taxpayers are theoretically on the hook for up to $24 Trillion, though $12T is a likelier number. Each $8000 tax credit is costing the taxpayers $40,000- true government efficiency here.

The results are more Americans impoverished since the Great Depression, 10% U3 unemployment across the nation, and fabulous profits for the banks.

Below is the Showdown Chicago Schedule of Events:

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Schedule of Events
Note: all times are approximate and subject to change

If you wish to join us on Sunday, please fill out a Sunday Registration Form. Attendance for Monday or Tuesday does not require registration.
3:30pm – Welcome & Conference Orientation
4:30pm – Put People First: Showdown in Chicago
Hundreds of everyday Americans come together to launch the Showdown in Chicago. A peoples’ Commission will hear testimony and evidence from everyday Americans, well known public figures, and elected officials on how Wall Street banks created the foreclosure crisis and sent the economy into a tailspin. Commission findings will be shared with the Obama Administration, Members of Congress, and the Angelides Commission.

11:30am – American Bankers Association convention, 301 East North Water Street.
Big banks are spending billions to prevent reforms that would protect taxpayers from their future abuses. Nearly a thousand Americans will take our message directly to the American Bankers Association at their annual convention.


10:00am - Prayer vigil on Wacker, east of Michigan Avenue
10:30am - March: starting at Stetson and Wacker
11:00am - Rally at the Sheraton Hotel (301 East North Water Street, Chicago)
No registration required for the Tuesday march. For more information, visit www.stopbankgreed.org or contact rozwadowskik@seiu1.org


consultant said...

If I was in Chicago I'd be there.

Good luck.

Any live blogging, webstreaming from any of the events?

The North Coast said...

Go to the title of my post and click, and that will give you the Showdown Chicago website.

They also supply links to a couple of other websites.

Mish Shedlock's blog Global Economic Analysis posted this and so have numerous other financial blogs. I link to Mish's blog, look on my blog roll at the right. News of this is all over the country.