Saturday, October 10, 2009

Celebrating North Coast Artists During Chicago Artists' Month: Andy De La Rosa of Rogers Park

October is Chicago Artist's Month, and our city has a lot to celebrate, with a huge community of visual artists in all media. Our North Coast neighborhoods- Rogers Park, Edgewater, West Ridge, Uptown, and Lakeview, contain great artists working in every sort of media imaginable. I'll be featuring local artists and designers, and so will other local websites, so if you are working in the visual arts or know of a local artist whose work you like and think should be featured, let me know at lauralouzader@yahoo.com.

People who like to hang at Ennui Cafe at the corner of Lunt and Sheridan may remember the numerous beautiful and colorful sculptures that used to embellish the corner on both sides of Lunt, as well as the courtyard of the apartment building containing the Cafe. You will be glad to know that their creator, Andy De La Rosa, is alive, well, and making art in Rogers Park still, now on Glenwood Ave. just south of Morse Ave, where he can be seen working in the yard among his latest fantastic creations, pictured here.

Andy is a very quiet, soft-spoken young man and I did not discover much about his history, but what does that matter? Like all art, these sculptures speak for themselves, no explanation necessary.

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