Friday, July 25, 2008

Save The Gale Park Community Center

Help Save the Gale Park Community Center From Privatization!

Thank You, Toni Duncan and Craig Gernhart. Craig, I hope you don't mind that I just cut and pasted your post.

Rogers Park Residents Say No to the Privatization of the New Chicago Park District Community Center at 1610 W. Howard Street!

A public protest rally is scheduled for Saturday, July 26th at 2 P.M. starting at Gale Park, 1600 W. Howard Street (Marshfield & Howard).

The rally will feature speakers from S.O.C.C., (Save Our Community Center), Save Our Parks, SEIU Local 73, Gale Park Advisory Council as well as Rogers Park residents representing seniors and other community organizations.

The rally will conclude with a 4 block march to 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore’s Ward office at 7356 N. Greenview, where protesters will demand the Alderman cease and desist in his plan to privatize the Gale Park Community Center by sponsoring a ‘turn over’ of the new, unopened building to the Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs, which would limit, if not completely prohibit community access and use of this new, public taxpayer funded, Chicago Park District Community Center.

At several recent community meetings, including this past Tuesday’s Chicago Park District’s North Region Budget Hearing, individuals and organizations, including SEIU Local 73, the Gale Park Advisory Council, S.O.C.C. and Friends Of The Parks, have spoken out strongly against this privatization of Chicago Park District property.

Please join us for this important event to “Save Our Community Center”!

For additional information contact: S.O.C.C. at 773-465-2433

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edgewater Historical Society Home Tour September 21, 2008

Home Tour, September 21, 2008
St.Gertrude's Church
1400 W.Granville
$25.00 Per Person

The tour begins at noon, and the homes are open
until 5PM. You may pick up your tour booklet
at St. Gertrude's until 4 PM.

The Edgewater Historical Society has announced it's Annual Home Tour. It is always on the third Sunday of September, which will be September 21.

The location is the North Edgewater area and
the refreshments will be at a
superb restaurant in the area - Uncommon Ground - at 1400 W. Devon (at
Glenwood). Notice their new outdoor dining area. You will be sure of having
a nice refreshing experience as you walk around this fine neighborhood.

When you buy your ticket, you will get our home tour book which will serve
a.. your ticket to entrance to each of the homes, St. Gertrude's Church,
and refreshments at Uncommon Ground
b.. guide book with map of the tour area; homes on tour; and Uncommon
Ground, where refreshment area will be
c.. historical information about the North Edgewater community
d.. information and picture of the homes on the tour
e.. and business ads with our friends in the business community - in the
hands of around 500 people in the Edgewater community, as well as other
Chicagoland areas.

This is one of only a few ways we maintain our not-for-profit organization.If
you would like to put an ad in our home tour book - or tell your favorite
businesses about our ad book, please check out our attachments that include
our letter to the businesses and the Invoice that is also an informational
page that shows the ad sizes and costs; where to send the ad and the check
for the ad; and who to call for questions. For 2008 members, the costs are
lower, so check that out. The cost includes a 2009 business membership with
our Edgewater Historical Society and Museum, and ticket(s) to the tour. The
tour tickets are what is described in this email and the ad takers' names
will be listed and be at the tour welcoming table in front of St.
Church, 1400 W. Granville (at Glenwood) - no advance ticket(s) are mailed to

For non-ad takers, you may send in for the tickets in advance. They are $25
per person, and checks would be sent as follows:

Please mail checks, payable to
the Edgewater Historical Society (or EHS).
Send check to:
Betty Mayian
6033 N. Sheridan - 36K
Chicago, IL 60660