Monday, January 1, 2018

Has it really been six years since I posted anything on this blog?

Yep..my last post here was in 2012, just before my mother's passing, and that of my brother-in-law a year later, and two close male friends of decades. Since that time, I've moved twice, buying two West Ridge condos and selling one in a four-year period, and became immersed in a large writing project... and social media.

Many people are saying that the social media sites replace blogging, but to me, at least, there is a gaping void left where dozens of neighborhood and personal blogs used to be. For one thing, a Facebook post just can't have the depth and detail that a personal article of a few hundred words or more, never mind a 140-character " tweet".. You have to fear for your civilization when major issues are reduced to one line, especially those lines are the principal manner of communication with the public by the leader of the semi-free world.  Additionally, most people tend to be allover the map on their social network pages, posting everything from pics of of family and friends, to political statements, to links to articles. These sites are useful and fun, but really not very satisfying.

So I'm reviving my blogs. I have two- this one, which is dedicated to all things to do with the neighborhoods on the far north lake front of Chicago; and In Search of Civilization, which has been "parked" for nearly a decade, and which is more general, and focuses social and economic issues. With luck, I'll be posting on both at least once a week.