Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Reduce the Number of Chicago Aldermen: Help Circulate the Petition

The great people at Second City Cop blog have started a movement to reduce the number of Chicago aldermen to 25, one for each police area. A petition has been started, and you can print up copies here and go to work gathering signatures.

Remember, in order to be valid, all signatures must be those of City of Chicago residents who are registered voters, and you must, after getting signatures, attest to their validity by getting your own signature, as a petition circulator, notarized.


If we can just get one 1000 people gathering 125 signatures each, we can get this on the ballot. Gather 200 just for good measure, in case of overlap or invalid names. Ask if the signer is a registered voter and resident of Chicago, always

Stay tuned to SCC for a collection point for the petitions.

If Los Angeles, a city larger than Chicago and at least as difficult to run, can get by with 15 aldermen, why do we need 50? Estimates of cost savings range from $10 million to $50 million. My own guess is closer to $50 million, if you include the costs of wasted time and corruption. Time to make this $100K-plus-per-annum job into a full-time job.

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