Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank You Joe Moore

Many thanks to 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore for going on record as opposing the land grab that is the proposed children's museum in Grant Park.

I urge other North Coast aldermen who are undecided to please oppose this encroachment on public land, and destruction of Grant Park. The "undecideds" include Mary Ann Smith (48th), Helen Schiller (46th), Eugene Schluter (47th) and Pat O'Connor.

Sign the petition to save Grant Park.

Thanks to Toni Duncan, at 24/7North of Howard Watchers.


Fargo said...

That was a good move on Joe's part. It is a land grab that should not happen. Garfield Park would be a much better location. It has excellent transit accessibility via the Green line and is close to the Ike for driving access. A new children's museum would be a boost to a neighborhood that could use one.

The North Coast said...

I think Navy Pier is fine, and there is also vacant space in the River North area.

Garfield Park would be really great because it would be a boost to the area. But make sure you specify the NEIGHBORHOOD, not the PARK.

We need to get it across to our leaders that the parks should be sacred. Note the soccer field for the Latin School in Lincoln Park- another land grab that should never have been permitted.