Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Slum at 1733-35 W Pratt

A friend of mine who was trolling for another apartment tripped over this place, at 1733-1735 W. Pratt, and duly reported it to me. She told me that the hallways smelled of garbage, urine, and strange chemicals, and that there was dirt and disarray everywhere.

Note the bullet hole in the door glass in the lower right photo. Seems like many of the recent problems on Pratt close to Clark could be originating here.

A closer look shows that this building has been allowed to deteriorate steeply since last I looked, and I spotted a number of unsavory-looking individuals on and about the premises. Additionally, the beautiful 3-flats neighboring the place, which used to be pristine, have also taken a lot of damage, and are now shabby and dirty.

I searched for this property on the Cook County Assessor's site, using various search criteria from the street address to search by neighborhood, and could find nothing, so any ideas about what I'm missing on the search would be appreciated.

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