Sunday, May 25, 2008

Construction To Begin on Dominick's in Lakeview

Construction on the new Dominick's store, on the site of the old store that burned down a few years ago, is tentatively scheduled to begin in August, according to sources at the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce. They could not say for sure whether the store would be built to include four stories of condominiums as originally planned, but they also said that they had not been told of any change in plans. Construction was originally to begin in January of this year.

The new store will occupy the entire lot formerly occupied by the old store and its parking lot. Underground parking will be available for shoppers, and the store will front on Broadway, and have, according to the plans, four stories of condominiums above it.

The rendering of the new building is available to view in PDF format, by clicking on the title link, above, or go to the Lakeview East Chamber site.

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