Friday, May 8, 2009

Vacation at Lake Columbia

Welcome to our own freshwater mosquito hatchery and pedestrian barricade at Sheridan & Columbia. Bring your wading boots. Lake Columbia forms every time we have a heavy storm, and it often extends halfway across the intersection and clear back to the alley behind the Starbucks, making it necessary for pedestrians on Sheridan to walk halfway down Columbia to cross it without wading through water up to the middle of their shins.

Will somebody in our AlderCreature's office ever get off his or her duff and bloody do something about this? This has been a persistent problem at this intersection for years past, and the flooding is getting worse over time.


Pamela said...

Hi Laura -- Thanks for including the Rogers Park Garden Group website on your blog. Much appreciated. But we relaunched the site and it has a new url now so if you could change it, we'd be most grateful! The new site is www.rogersparkgardengroup.org.



The North Coast said...

Hi Pamela.

I installed RPPG's new link. Your new site is very attractive.