Sunday, June 17, 2007

2007 Artists of the Wall Festival

This was the weekend of the annual Rogers Park Artists of the Wall Festival, a unique annual summer event in which residents of Rogers Park are invited to paint a panel on the concrete bench facing the beach between Pratt and Lunt. The bench is painted over into a fresh canvas every year, and then blossoms with art displaying every possible style and level of skill.

The festival, which is sponsored by the Loyola Park Advisory Council and the Rogers Park Community Council, in cooperation with the Chicago Park District and the Mayor's Office of Special Events, is one of the only of its kind anywhere, and since its inception in 1994, has established itself as one of Rogers Park's most beloved traditions. Those who wish to participate in the future should keep an eye on RogersPark.com in spring for the announcement of the event and the application to participate.


Kheris said...

I walked by there Monday after work. A lot of cool, creative designs. Very nice.

Michael K said...

Every year I think, "I'm gonna sign up to that bench painting thing next year." To date, I have yet to add my vision to the wall. Maybe I should sign up for next year now.

Jocelyn said...

next year I must do a panel! Thanks for the great photos.

Paradise said...

Hey, Nrth Coast, have you checked out the Pratt Ashland co op? Those are big and nice and affordable.

The North Coast said...

Yes, Vanessa, I have. They're beautiful, with all the details intact. It's a well-run building, too.

But I make way too much money, at about $40-$45K a year. As a single, childless person, I'm about $25K over the income limit.

I'm not poor, just a middle-income person who can 2+2 add, have little cash for a downpayment and moreover want to keep cash standing by, save a big chunk every month,and keep my debt load reasonable. I like $100K to $140 for a nice two bed in a vintage building. Preferably no more than $120K. I have lined up some places in Edgewater I like but I'm waiting for things to line up a little better.

I'm shocked that people with my income consider $180K to be affordable unless they have a BIG downpayment. You should have a mortgage that is absolutely no more than 3X your income, and that's pushing it. Don't let any mortgage hustler or any "advisor" tell you otherwise. Remember, you will have taxes that are forever being jacked, and assessments and/or utitilities that are ramping up very quickly. You will need to have money for repairs, and in a condo you have to consider your neighbors- you don't put off a necessary plumbing repair because you will be damaging neighbor's units as well as your own.

These days, people are in bad trouble all over because they not only took mortgages that are too big to begin with, but did not consider the extra costs of ownership, or the huge amount of credit they are already lugging. What mental end zone are people in that they think they can make $3200 a month payments on gross monthly incomes of $5000K. Or $1800 on $4000K, and be financially healthy. What makes them think that they can pay ridiculous multiples of their incomes and still be able to buy food and fund their retirements and run 2 cars?

And I still say housing is too expensive. I base that assertion on the disparity between the rent and the mortgage payment for the same apt. My rental would, at current prices, cost me over $1500 a month in payments inclusive of mortgage, taxes, insurance, and assessments and utilities. That is all now included in my rent of $815, for a lovely place. The rent would be perhaps $950 in Edgewater.

I expect we will see many prices being adjusted downward in big increments very soon. They are already dropping. I also expect lending to tighten up considerably. It's been a drunken 5-year party and there will be a loooong hangover.