Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Morgan at Loyola Station, Post Grand Opening

Strange to return to blogging with this entry, but a deeply disgruntled tenant of the Morgan who read  my previous post on the opening of the Morgan at Loyola Station, posted nearly two years ago on May 20, 2009, left an angry comment there today.

Here it is:

I have lived in the Morgan at Loyola Station and HATE IT! And I am not surprised either that the building is half empty. I would call this place more of a dorm than an apartment building. They over regulate everything you do. The door staff is very rude and unhelpful. The heat is included but NEVER works. Residents are noisy and obnoxious at all times of the night yet nothing is done about that. However, if you complain about anything (aka the incredibly rude door lady) they will be sure to make your stay at this building miserable - like $500 fines for things I DID NOT DO and THEY CANNOT PROVE. This place is way too expensive for the service you get here - I'm talking $1500/month for a studio. I would NOT recommend living here. Go two blocks down to Granville and there is a beautiful new apartment building with great staff and amenities. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE MORGAN! TERRIBLE STAFF AND TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT! I WOULD GIVE IT ZERO STARS IF I COULD! 

To "anonymous": prospective renters would like to know what building the "Granville" is? Could that be the new building on the northeast corner of Granville & Broadway that was formerly named the Clarovista and was originally marketed as a condominium development?

To everyone else, please comment here about your experiences with either of these buildings, or other buildings in Edgewater and Rogers Park.


consultant said...


I don't have experience with either building, but glad to see you back.

The North Coast said...

Hi consultant.

Can't explain my prolonged absence except to say too many other things claiming time and energy...and really so much to write about I hardly knew where to start.

But at least the municipal elections are over, so I don't have to bother with them.

Anonymous said...

The Granville and The Clarovista are the same building. 1134 W Granville.

The North Coast said...

I thought the Clarovista was the Granville, but I wasn't sure... the Clarovista signage is still on the building when I walk past.

The current management is still making a half-hearted attempt to sell the units at the Clarovista as condos while renting most of the units out. I'm not sure that this will help condo sales.

I would like to hear what experience renters and owners have with that building, as well as with other rental buildings around the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

From what I know, the building has 107 owners, 28 renting, and 28 still for sale. The 28 renting can be a mix of investors and the actual developer renting them out, not sure about that part.