Friday, October 29, 2010

$58 Million TIF Planned for Entire 49th Ward- Meeting at Loyola Park Field House Saturday Oct 30

A TIF that will cover the entire 49th Ward is in the works, that will funnel $58 Million to connected cronies. This means increased property taxes and reduced services for 49th Ward residents.

Is Chicago broke enough from the quilt of TIF districts covering this city? How much more can we take

There will be a meeting at the Loyola Park Field House tomorrow, Saturday October 30, at 3 PM. 

Click on the title link above to go to the petition to ban TIFs in Cook County. 


MojoMan said...

Hi, Laura. I don't find your e-mail address here, so I'll just post this comment instead. I hope you don't mind.

I appreciated your comment on JH Kunstler's blog today. So level-headed. We all seem to know a world of hurt is on the way, but no one really knows what, when, where or how bad. You offer good advice to keep our eyes open, be alert, prepared and flexible, but don't be silly. A friend of mine with a survivalist bent has sold off his investments and purchased about a $100k worth of gold. Genius or fool? Who knows, but it seems extreme to me. I tend to think if we use serious long-term thinking when we are making major changes anyway - things like buying a new car or moving - and make those decisions with a possible dramatic shift in mind, we'll be better off, but to make drastic changes 'just in case' can be premature and foolhardy.

King Coultas, Australia said...

Hello Laura, just wanted to ditto the previous comment - I thought your points on JKH's blog were spot-on.