Friday, April 9, 2010

The Natural Order

 Somebody named Eric posted this concise summary of socialism over at Classical Values awhile back, who posted it for someone named M. Simon:

The natural order of things is for the rich to steal from the poor. Any other order is unnatural. So how do you maintain an unnatural system where the poor have a chance?

The only way is that no one steals from any one else. Once you allow stealing into the system the rich get their usual extra advantage. Which is why our founders stated that the system they designed can only be maintained by a moral people. And the morality was not about who was having sex with whom but the morality relating to property.

Socialism is a system for stealing from the rich in the hopes of advantaging the poor. But once you allow theft into the system it reverts to the natural order where the poor have no chance. Which is why socialism always fails.

So the trouble with socialists is that they mean well but have no understanding. Which is why I am no longer a socialist.
And note: when you take into account the incentives for production socialism comes out even worse. If you can't keep a very large portion of what you earn the incentives for production decline and we are all worse off. The rich and the poor alike. Of course for the rich it makes less difference.
The moral of the story is that socialism leads to feudalism (anther name for a system where warlords rule) and the people are then reduced to serfs. And serfs are held in place by force. And force came into the system through government as a way for the poor to steal from the rich.
It may be why F. A. Hayek called his book on socialism The Road to Serfdom.

This surely the way modern American socialism is working out, as an increasingly impoverished population is brutally taxed at the local, state, and federal level to pay for the endless array of corporate welfare programs foisted on us by our political leaders and their cronies who are the beneficiaries, and justified as "economic development" or "help for struggling homeowners", or "decent housing for the poor", or "economic rescue" , with a few small benefits tossed to select members of the peasantry to conceal the fact that the chief beneficiaries are the powerful and connected.

We are now ruled, not by laws that protect the right of all individuals to own their lives and the fruits of their labors, but by pressure groups, whose ability to influence policy and legislation is directly related to their wealth and political contributions.

 And while the wealthier members of the population may contribute most of the federal tax revenues, the break that poorer taxpayers receive on their federal income taxes, which are progressive, are more than offset at the local level by viciously regressive property taxes, and sales taxes, which affect poorer taxpayers disproportionately

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