Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cricket Connection Problems

Am I the only person suddenly experiencing difficulties with my Cricket 3G broadband, or are other Cricket customers also experiencing trouble in connecting, time outs, and extremely slow page-loading with their Cricket wireless broadband?

I became a Cricket customer in August of 2009, and subscribed to the cellular phone and wireless 3G broadband "bundle" in order to free myself from land connections altogether. For the first five months, the broadband connection was absolutely flawless- it connected almost instantly and loaded pages quickly. Downloading and uploading files of all types was extremely easy and rapid.

However, in the past month or so, I've experienced almost daily difficulty in getting connected, staying connected, and accessing web pages. Time outs have become extremely frequent.

If you are a Cricket user, how has your experience been? Please chime in with any comments and remarks you have.


consultant said...


Sorry to hear about your problems with Cricket. I don't know anyone here in Georgia who uses the service, but I found these intense complaint sites:




Anonymous said...


Al Iverson said...

I have Sprint 3G and haven't been having any problems.

For home internet, we finally just ditched the cable modem ourselves and switched to "Clear." It's "Wimax" and some call it 4G. Much faster than 3G, much zippier, feels way more like cable. Cheap, too. $30/mo. Check out their website to see what specials they have going, maybe it makes sense to switch. It's working well for me at Sheridan and Pratt.

The North Coast said...

Hi, Al

I've been looking at Clear. I'm bundled with Cricket, but I'm considering Clear, just wish they also carried the cellphone as well.

Al Iverson said...

If you decide you want to try Clear, feel free to reach out and I can introduce you to the sales guy who came out to our house and set up the modem so we could try it. That made it easy. Here he is on Twitter.

The North Coast said...

Al, thanks for your imput.

Let me ask this before I hassle your salesman: does the home modem have to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work?

I ask because I have really enjoyed the freedom of the portable wireless card, until the past month or so. I will say I've noticed some recovery in the level of service since it hit a real low two weeks ago.

I really want to be as wireless and free of land lines and electrical connections as possible, so I was looking at the Clear 4G wireless card. The idea is to be able to connect indoors or on the beach, and during power outages. But I'd like the modem if it can run without being plugged into the electric service.

Al Iverson said...

You can get either kind of modem. Huge caveat, though: the one that plugs in to the wall has a better antenna. You can't stuff as good an antenna into those tiny USB modems.