Saturday, June 27, 2009

Magic Jack Update:Radio Shack Stands Behind its Merchandise

I'm pleased to report that I was able to return my Magic Jack and obtain a refund in the form of an in-store credit from our neighborhood Radio Shack outlet, at Granada Center, 6445 N. Sheridan Road in Rogers Park.

Thank you, Radio Shack, for standing behind your merchandise. Given the terrible experiences unhappy buyers of the device have had dealing directly with the manufacturer, we can see that it pays to deal with a reputable local dealer whenever possible.

I did not expect to get this much when I walked into Radio Shack with the product in hand, and explained the situation. Even though I no longer had my receipt and was a cash buyer, the courteous store manager was able to find my purchase after a brief search of the date range, and issued me a store credit for the amount of the purchase. I'm a loyal customer of many years, and after this will surely remain one.

Many thanks to the courteous and knowledgeable staff of the Granada Center Radio Shack.


Scott said...

Good to hear of such a fair deal. Nice of you, too, to publicize your positive experience.

The North Coast said...

Like to give credit where it's due. People are quick enough to bitch, but praise rarely.

consultant said...

I agree. We don't praise good service as often as we should. I know sometimes I'm shocked when I get it. Almost like an out of body experience. But I do try to be courteous and compliment those who are doing their job well.

On your last post about gentrification and the future of the burbs.

Abundant energy resources allowed our metro areas to grow the way they did, and energy depletion/scarcity is going to change their destiny in the future.

I agree with your analysis to a degree. I think the energy equation is going to come in the form of shocks and then periods of adjustment to the new reality. I think this is going to play extreme havoc with how we live and where we live. If the shocks are quick and severe, it may blow up all we know as we are consumed in turmoil and struggle for survival. If they are spread over several decades, then something along the lines of your scenario may emerge. Either way, a different world is in our future. But hey, that's the American way.

Anonymous said...

Well, I suffered horribly after switching to ATT cell phone service, and that says alot because I'm an optimist and it takes alot of abuse to get me down. I don't even want to talk about ATT except that there is NO COVERAGE in this neighborhood, everybody I talked to suffered, NO COVERAGE and no me to talk to. It took me hours and alot of patience to deal with them, a whole month I tried to work it out, then I read your piece about Cricket. I'm really loyal, I never thought I'd give up on my lifelong service providers. I had Sprint since Sprint was the first cell phone. Now, bring on something new. This Cricket is so great. It was like a dream going in there and getting instant enthusiastic 100% service. I got a new phone, all the acessories, a bill that spells it out with a clear checklist, oh and the guys, they like their jobs, I know they treat them well, I kept saying, they must pay you very well, one guy was going to come to my house and hook up the compter if I needed. I checked into all their services. I hadn't even paid and my new phone was working. Very good. Then I decided to check the prices against my DSL and landline. Ha! I pay $14 a month just for voicemail, so I will definately be looking into changing that. I highly recommend the Cricket store at 313 W. Howard St. across from the CTA bus depot.

The North Coast said...

Thanks for writing about your experience. I have the Cricket broadband and cell phone, and hope I'm always as pleased as I am now.

Glad you mentioned the store on Howard. I didn't know it was there. I got mine at the Weiss Plaza store at Broadway and Lawrence.

The North Coast said...

Consultant, I think the shifts that are creating the future are well underway.

For example, here in Chicago, the outer burbs have always been substantially cheaper than those closer in, cheaper than even those inner burbs that are relatively deteriorated. Many of those are reviving now and becoming more urban in character, just as the city is reviving.

Whether or not we go down the slope of depletion and disinvestment relatively slowly; or, instead, collapse into complete poverty and disorder, depends on how well we confront new realities and manage them. We have a president who is more about resisting change than managing it, as evidenced by this administration's willingness to take the country to the brink of insolvency to prop up obsolete industries, like the Detroit car makers and the airline industry. As for housing- our economy should never EVER have been dependent upon house appreciation, i.e. asset inflation, as its driver. Dependence upon debt and asset inflation are in themselves symptoms of a diseased economy, no matter how much "growth" they generated. In fact, the more and faster an economy so founded grows, the unhealthier it is- sort of like cancer.

Our biggest obstacle is going to be our unwillingness to confront the fact that we are no longer a terribly wealthy country. I keep hearing how this country is the wealthiest in the world, and I ask, where is this wealth. It's all debt. We've depleted our resources and destroyed our industrial base, which are the true sources of wealth.

consultant said...

True. True. True.

We are essentially broke. Busted.

Every since our founding as a nation, each decade has been different than the last. Every single one. History tells the next decade will be too. I think it's going to shock all of us.

We have multiple converging mega problems that defy any easy solutions and we have a population and leadership that no longer has the will to deal with problems in a realistic way (another mega problem in and of itself).

We've been eating our seed corn for about 40 years now. 315 million hungry, mostly lost souls. Oh boy.

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