Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig Cont'd

Leave it to the Party that Wrecked America to display rare sensitivity to the concerns and priorities of female voters out here by publicizing that the RNC spent $150,000 on new duds for Sarah Palin to wear on the campaign trail, in the belief that Sarah's new style would help draw women voters.Now, they're aghast at the unfavorable reaction they've received, notably from women.

I mean, but here is something that just has to touch the hearts and minds of every woman in America. How heartening, at a time when most women out here are are trying to figure out how to get last year's shoes re-heeled and the three-year-old winter coat rehabilitated, while still managing to put food on the table and gas in the car for the 50-mile commute to the job she is about to lose, and still pay the day-care bill; to see Sarah all buffed up with the latest splashy clothes from Nieman Marcus.

The Republicans clearly still view women as just these li'l fluffy things whose whole lives revolve around reading fashion mags, shopping, and having babies, in keeping with their support of pre-feminist "family values", their allegiance to the anti-woman Christian Right, and their stated platform favoring the "privileging", by tax incentives and other inducements, marriage and stay-at-home motherhood. The Republican contempt for women and lack of sensitivity to our issues is evident in their every attempt to pander to us by their selection of some egregiously unqualified Republican Handmaiden as a candidate for a major office, such as championing Stepford Wife Elizabeth Dole for the presidency in the 90s, or selecting Sarah Palin for John's running mate to begin with.

Well, like the selection of this egregiously unqualified woman with her anti-woman policies to begin with, the Wardrobe Caper is backfiring and alienating the very voters whom it was meant to impress to begin with.

But at least Sarah will have some spiffy duds to take home with her as souvenirs of the campaign after she and her running mate get their asses kicked to the curb this November. Let's hope Sarah finds her new wardrobe to be a sufficient offset to the loss of her political career, for indications of sentiment in her home state, Alaska, hint that the scrutiny of her doings as Governor there has cost her much of her support there.

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