Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pride of Ownership

Pictured here is the grandiose and pretentious condominium development, built late in the boom, at 6212 N. Winthrop in Edgewater, which is additionally the most unkempt property on this block by far and a rather nasty contrast to the well-kept four-plus-ones and corridor buildings that line this block.

The asking prices for the units in this "luxury" building started at $600,000, though I doubt that the units sold thus far closed at that price (I haven't looked), but even so, I have to doubt they sold much under $500,000.

In the photos, you can see the trash lodged in the pikes of the fence and scattered about the parkway. It's not just a transient condition, either- I walk past this property on my way home and this trash has been here for many, many days. Yet, every other structure on the block, including low-rent corridor buildings, is well-groomed and often landscaped with great care.

Maybe the unit owners really have no idea that they are supposed to maintain the parkway and walk, or the little patch of lawn, in front of their place. Someone should tell them- this place is blighting the block. Home ownership is supposed to foster pride and commitment, but it's nowhere in evidence here.

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