Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rogers Park's New Blog: Alderman's Intern

A delightful new blog has, with no fanfare, appeared to adorn the local blogosphere, and I would be doing my handful of readers a disservice if I failed to bring Alderman's Intern, http://www.aldermansintern.blogspot.com to their attention.

The blog is written by an individual who purports to be a young, female intern in Alderman Joe Moore's office, and all I have to say is that you wouldn't want Alderman's Intern "supporting" your campaign. So I am not at all sure that "she" is truly located in Joe's office, but if she were MY intern and was beating the drums for me as she is for Joe Moore, I'd boot her in a New York Nanosecond. She writes with dripping, saccharine sarcasm and incisive wit , and I came away with a sense of a young person who will someday not far down the road make even Maureen McCarthy and the late Molly Ivins seem lame compared.

She's an equal-opportunity pol-basher, and not only does Alerman Moore suffer at her hands, but Gordon and Adams and Ginderske each get trashed as well.

So go visit this delightful cynic today. Only one thing.... she doesn't permit comments, so you'll have to post your comments on this blog or another where she comments.


rogerparker said...

this has to be craigie and his practical jokes

The North Coast said...

rogersparker, I honestly believe, after reading Alderman's Intern's comments on gernhardt's blog, and reading through the entries on her own, that she despises Joe Moore.

Go read her blog, really. It's a riot.

I'll tell ya, if I were Joe, and had this young person in my office, I'd boot her. She's no Moore loyalist, for a fact.

But since I despise Moore, I love her.

However, as I stated, she's an equal-opportunity trasher. She spares no one.

I have no idea who she is, or if she is even a 'she'. I wonder if she is the same person behind some of the other psuedonyms on these blogs, like duhm_blonde. She/he/it is having a good time.

I certainly don't think Gernhardt has anything to do with her or her blog, because he isn't capable of the style or fine sarcasm. Gernhardt is a bludgeon-over-the-head sort of guy and swings pretty wide.

tomblogger2 said...

Whoever is writing this is very clever, indeed (it cannot be Craig as there are too few misspellings). It is indeed a riot; after the election the author/s should continue this - it would be a hot seller and could revive the old 1950's style pulp romance novel.

The North Coast said...

Go back to some of the older posts. They are completely delicious, and they are the ones where her contempt for Moore is most evident.

One of her quotes: "It's not like Joe to educate the voters because most of them are really stupid. He says so."

And:"He's told me He knows how to manipulate the crowd by bringing up topics that have no relevance. Joe says that most voters are complete morons and the whole reason he's been able to stay in office for so long is that most people just don't care to vote."

And about her 'boyfriend' the 'disciple' Rodney, and Joe:"Rodney wants very much to belong to a union, but there's no training in our ward. All that Joe has done is keep Rodney and his 'banger' friends in business.But Rodney would like to take his Discipleship and apply it to bigger things."

.... and much more like this. As I said, she doesn't spare the other candidates, either, but she reserves her most cutting sarcasm for Joe.