Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The North Coast Premier

This blog comes after two years of considering whether I wanted to divert time and energy from painting and other writing, to start yet another blog dedicated to the affairs and characters that make Chicago's lakefront neighborhoods, when there are already so many blogs already existing, dedicated to the various issues of Uptown, Lakeview, Edgewater, and most of all Rogers Park, where no fewer than a dozen blogs, ranging from incidental and boring, to major and extremely well-written, are maintained by local citizens who care passionately for their neighborhoods and this city.

This journal covers the issues and events, people and places, that I believe matter, in the all the neighborhoods of Chicago's North Coast that I have always loved, as best as I can keep up with them. I will be copying the few posts extant from my previous blog at http://thenorthcoast.blogsource.com , and will be closing that site shortly.

All articles on this site are of my own authorship unless otherwise indicated, and any photographs or other visual material that appears here is also mine, unless otherwise indicated. Any material created by someone else will be used only with the author's permission and will be properly attributed.

I welcome all comments, and you are not required to join the blogsite in order to post a comment, nor or you required to reveal your identity. However, posts that are, by my standards, extremely offensive or obscene, or posts that slander an individual or entity, will be removed. I reserve the right to block individuals, and in order to block trolls and spam, will use word verification.

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